If a customer wants a solution specifically tailored to his requirements that is not covered by the SAP standard applications, consultants are often faced with a major challenge. This was also the case with our customer, a company from the metal industry with several production sites and sales offices in different countries. Specifically, the issue was the assignment of authorizations.

The company used data from individual companies and sales organizations to assess profitability. Some of the latter were made up of several companies. The customer's brief was to create a simple interface on which users could only be authorized to access the data of specific companies or sales organizations. An exciting task in a highly specialized field.

Expansion of the authorization system and high transparency

According to the customer's ideas, the interface should be easy to maintain and have a high level of transparency. The goal was to use the interface to expand the existing authorization system in particular. The solution to be developed was to use either analytical authorizations or classic customer exits. At the beginning of the assignment, our consultants first conducted a feasibility study (proof of concept) for this task.

Optimal solution through Business Add-Ins

Once feasibility was confirmed, our consultants reviewed various solution approaches, such as analytical authorizations and Business Add-Ins (BAdI's). We were finally able to identify a suitable BAdI as the optimal solution. This was followed by the corresponding implementation. In the course of this, we also designed a control table and embedded it in the add-in.

The biggest challenge for our experts was to design and implement a customized solution that went beyond the standard SAP applications and met the customer's specifications.

Xient Solution Factory for customized customer solutions

Especially for the development of customized customer solutions, we have a dedicated service unit - the Xient Solution Factory. This enables us to integrate the interdisciplinary expertise of our individual consultants within the scope of our projects.

Based on our customer's request, our experts implemented a corresponding solution according to a specific process model. The advantage for our customer that this was provided entirely by our own consultants was particularly evident in the fact that the solution was available in a very short time. In addition, the customer was thus able to avoid additional costs that would have been incurred by calling in additional experts.

Added value through customized end-to-end solution

Thanks to the short-term implementation of the new customized end-to-end solution, the company no longer needs to create and maintain authorization objects in this business area. Even existing objects/elements such as queries, do not require any change. This saves the customer at least half a day of work per authorization that they have to assign.

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