Managed Services

Supporting SAP BI operations and ensuring that IT processes run smoothly are among the core tasks of Managed Services. The primary goal is to ensure the daily availability of the customer's BI systems and the smooth running of processes. A quick solution to any problems that arise as well as high availability of the experts are always in the foreground.

Modern and diverse IT architecture as the greatest challenge

Our customer is an internationally active and manufacturing company, a true world market leader in its field. It is therefore not surprising that the existing IT systems are very much adapted to the company's requirements. Accordingly, one of the biggest challenges of our Managed Services assignment is the very diverse IT architecture, which is in a state of change. This consists of complex and, in some cases, old structures. The pace of development within the company is also very high. In addition, there are many in-house developments.

Managed Services and SME model

The main task at our customer is to ensure the ongoing operation. Our activities include recurring services with which the company has entrusted us. On the one hand, this includes 1st level support. In addition to continuous operational support - seven days a week, around the clock - this also includes proactive monitoring and front-end support. The focus here is on in-depth expert knowledge of SAP Analytics. On the other hand, our experts also cover 2nd and 3rd level support. Issues that cannot be resolved within the scope of 2nd level support and are application-specific are forwarded to 3rd level support. This in turn is divided into different expert areas, so-called Subject Matter Experts (SME), to which the request is forwarded on a know-how basis.

Through targeted monitoring, our experts also reduce the risk of process interruptions to a minimum. If an unexpected interruption nevertheless occurs, this ensures rapid intervention. In addition, by forwarding concerns within the SME model, targeted recommendations for action can be made and solutions created.

One example of this is the correction of loading processes: If the loadings in the process chains do not function properly, experienced experts must react quickly and adapt the coding accordingly.

Added value through external experts

Outsourcing support offers our customers the particular advantage that internal IT is relieved and upgrades are carried out as quickly as possible. This means that the software is always up to date. Our experts offer not only high availability, but also fast support.

The high level of expertise in the area of SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and the experience with complex IT structures that our experts bring with them offer further added value. They also have strong skills in IT development and IT support. This strong interlocking of know-how enables us to ensure a particularly high quality of work. Since our team is also very heterogeneous and interdisciplinary, we can quickly call in additional experts for specific issues.

High satisfaction and long-standing trust

Our greatest success in connection with the Managed Services assignment is first and foremost the satisfaction and trust placed in us by our customer. Our experts have already been assisting the IT team for more than seven years. We can therefore look back on many years of successful collaboration. In addition, our experts have been able to permanently improve the performance of the IT systems and ensure flawless functionality. This includes, in particular, ensuring the operation of more than 500 in-house developments as well as support for around 150 new developments.

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